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You'll find a variety of career-related, accountability, and coaching services on our list. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us. We'll do our best to help you locate what you need.


Get nudged.

As an accountability partner, we'll listen to your hopes and dreams.
Then, we'll consistently nudge you to help them become a reality.
We'll set goals with you and stay focused through weekly encouragement and support. Our connection methods and times are based on your preferences. Together, we'll reach your destination and celebrate your success. Learn more

Price: Starting at $70 / month


Prioritize. Downsize. Organize.

Are you overwhelmed with your to-do list or surrounded by too much stuff? Regain control of your time and simplify your life. We'll work with you to prioritize, downsize, and organize.

Price: $150 / month


One coaching session.

Meet with a coach for a one-hour session per month to set SMART goals, map out a plan, and achieve success. You'll receive ongoing custom coaching until canceled. 

Price: $75 / month


Two coaching sessions.

We'll meet for an hour twice monthly to set SMART goals, develop a plan, track progress, and celebrate your successes. You'll receive ongoing custom coaching until canceled. 

Price: $135 / month


Free 30-minute discovery + introduction.

We'll discuss your needs, including the areas you'd like to explore. Together, we'll determine how our services meet your requirements.

Price: No fee


Develop a resume.

A career coach will work with you to create an effective resume focused on key terms and critical strengths required for a desired role.

Price: Starting at $175 for one page


Review resume.

We'll conduct a comprehensive review of your resume and provide you with detailed recommendations for edits. 

Price: Starting at $55 for one page


Write a cover letter.

A professional writer will work with you to create an effective cover letter template for a desired role through research, an interview, and your participation.  

Price: $100


Review cover letter.

A professional writer will review your cover letter for grammar, content, and effectiveness for a desired role. You'll receive documentation for recommended edits.

Price: $45


Write a college essay.

A professional writer with help you create a focused, cohesive, and effectively branded college essay through client interviews and participation. 

Price: Varies based on college essay requirements


Review college essay.

A professional writer will review your essay for correct grammar, effective content, and successful branding. You will be provided with documentation for recommended edits.

Price: Starting at $70


Develop a professional portfolio.

A career coach will work with you to select a digital platform and relevant work samples to design an effectively branded portfolio that attracts hiring managers and recruiters.

Price: $75 / hour


Review professional portfolio.

A career expert will review your portfolio and provide recommendations for further design and content development to produce an effectively branded portfolio.

Price: Starting at $75


Practice interviews.

A career coach will meet with you to review specific interview requirements, then provide guidance and practice for successful college or job interviews. 

Price: $75 / hour


Research + apply for internships.

We'll assist you with locating relevant internships and applying for them.

Price: $75 / hour


Research scholarships.

Our career coaches will provide assistance locating potential and relevant scholarships for application. 

Price: $75 / hour


Apply for scholarships.

Once you have selected potential scholarships, we'll assist you with the application process.

Price: $75 / hour


Transition careers.

Exploring a new career path, getting additional degrees and certifications, or getting hired in a different field can be complicated. We'll help you throughout the process with ongoing custom coaching to realize a successful career transition.

Price: $75 / hour


Build your personal brand.

An authentic, professional presence is critical to career success. We'll work with you to design your personal brand, helping you tell your story and expertise in ways that build professional relationships and career opportunities. 

Price: $100 / hour


Get ahead of the game.

An early start for children to explore, plan, and succeed.


It's easy to get distracted. And the journey can be confusing. An effective plan to navigate the nearly limitless options and a clear map to arrive at your child's chosen destination could mean tens of thousands of dollars gained. Equip your child early in the game with a career coach and a path to success. 

Price: $75 / hour 



Do you or your student need help understanding a particular subject, developing new skills, or solving problems in a specific area? 


Our tutors work with students to assist in developing study skills, test-taking competency, language proficiencies, writing abilities, and comprehension skills while supporting the education process teachers implement. We encourage and monitor student progress to keep students motivated and excited to learn. More details.

Price: $45 / hour 

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